Carabiner Charm Necklace Beaded Gemstone Chain, Custom Charms Front Clasp Toggle, Personalized Birthday Gift Beaded Crystal Birthstone Chain


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Carabiner Charm Necklace Beaded Gemstone Chain, Custom Charms Front Clasp Toggle, Personalized Birthday Gift Beaded Crystal Birthstone Chain


✨ This necklace features a wire wrapped beaded gemstone chain with a front-facing carabiner clasp. The carabiner clasp opens and closes allowing charms to easily be added and removed. This necklace is fully customizable! ✨

Want to add even more charms? Please feel free to take a look at our ENTIRE COLLECTION of add-on charms by following the link below:§ion_id=19010138


C H A R M ∙ O P T I O N S

A1. Red Sacred Heart
A2. Star Evil Eye
A3. Black Sacred Heart
A4. Large Round Evil Eye
A5. Large Heart Evil Eye
A6. Hamsa Evil Eye
A7. Small Round Evil Eye
A8. White Sacred Heart

B1. Script Letter Coin Disc *** Please leave us a note in the "Add Your Personalization" message box with the Letter you would like ***
B2. CZ Heart
B3. Long Bar Dangle
B4. CZ Art Deco Bar
B5. Pavé Lightning Bolt
B6. Pavé Starfish
B7. CZ Compass
B8. Gold Butterfly
B9. CZ Semi-Circle
B10. CZ Flower

C1. Mother of Pearl + CZ Pavé Sun
C2. Pavé Cross
C3. CZ Evil Eye Sunburst
C4. CZ + Crystal North Star
C5. CZ Hanging Vine
C6. Pavé Cloud
C7. Pavé Hamsa Hand
C8. Pavé Circle
C9. CZ Butterfly
C10. CZ Bumblebee
C11. Pavé Evil Eye
C12. Pavé Heart
C13. Small Evil Eye

D1. CZ Pavé Planet
D2. CZ Pavé Teardrop
D3. CZ Pavé Zodiac *** Please leave us a note in the "Add Your Personalization" message box with the Zodiac you would like ***
D4. Art Deco CZ Pavé Hexagon
D5. CZ Sun + Crescent Moon
D6. CZ Pavé Circle Sun
D7. CZ Ornate Cross
D8. Initial Hexagon Coin *** Please leave us a note in the "Add Your Personalization" message box with the Letter you would like ***
D9. Rainbow Bumblebee

E1. Crescent Moon
E2. Enamel Daisy
E3. Pavé Feather
E4. Large Emerald + CZ Oval
E5. Emerald Pavé Heart
E6. Emerald Pavé Snake
E7. CZ Starburst
E8. Tree of Life
E9. Gold Daisy

R OU N D ∙ G E M S T O N E ∙ O P T I O N S

RG1. Chrysoprase
RG2. Blue Chalcedony
RG3. Blue Topaz
RG4. Turquoise
RG5. Aqua Chalcedony
RG6. Pink Chalcedony
RG7. White Agate
RG8. Clear Quartz
RG9. Black Onyx
RG10. Tourmalated Quartz
RG11. Smoky Quartz
RG12. Lapis Lazuli
RG13. Labradorite
RG14. Amethyst
RG15. Raw Emerald
RG16. Green Onyx

R A W ∙ N U G G E T ∙ G E M S T O N E ∙ O P T I O N S

RN1. Amazonite
RN2. Amethyst
RN3. Aquamarine
RN4. Black Onyx
RN5. Blue Opal
RN6. Carnelian
RN7. Citrine
RN8. Dendrite Opal
RN9. Garnet
RN10. Iolite
RN11. Labradorite
RN12. Malachite
RN13. Moonstone
RN14. Peridot
RN15. Pink Opal
RN16. Raw Emerald
RN17. Tourmaline
RN18. Sapphire
RN19. Tiger Eye
RN20. Tourmaline


G E M S T O N E ∙ C H A I N ∙ O P T I O N S

• Amazonite
• Aquamarine
• Black Onyx
• Blood Garnet
• Blue Opal
• Blue Sapphire
• Carnelian
• Chocolate Moonstone
• Chrysoberyl
• Citrine
• Clear Quartz
• Dendrite Opal
• Ethiopian Opal
• Fire Opal
• Freshwater Pearl
• Green Garnet
• Grey Moonstone
• Iolite
• Labradorite
• Larimar
• Lavender Amethyst
• Lilac Opal
• Malachite
• Moss Aquamarine
• Multi Gemstones
• Multi Moonstone
• Multi Sapphire
• Multi Tourmaline
• Peach Moonstone
• Peridot
• Peruvian Opal
• Pink Opal
• Purple Amethyst
• Rainbow Moonstone
• Raw Emerald
• Ruby
• Ruby Zoisite
• Spotted Chalcedony
• Tiger Eye

Please note: Because we use natural stones, the stones vary slightly in shape, shade and size. They also contain natural inclusions.


M A T E R I A L S ∙ A N D ∙ S I Z E

- Carabiner is 14mm x 14mm
- Beaded gemstone chain wire is Gold Vermeil (Gold plated Silver)
- Carabiner & toggle clasp closure are Gold plated Brass

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